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The Quick Hit vs. The Steady Build

It strikes me sometimes that instead of major record companies belly-aching and decrying the internet as the great demise of the music industry, maybe the philosophy needs to change from that of a quick hit and trying to figure out how to hold on to the last remaining pennies of revenue, to that of a tried and tested approach of steadily building artists into long term household names, a la A&M. With venture capitalists and accountants running companies, no wonder the industry is in a real mess.

If there are any of these guys left and they haven’t all run for the hills, I feel we should let the people who know about music and building and supporting talent run the front end of these companies. Give them the financial support they need to make long term success stories that in turn bring with it a sustained and enduring income.

My grandfather, who was one tough self-made cookie, used to say “bank managers and accountants have neither an arse to kick nor a soul to save”. A bit harsh I know, and I don’t mean to disrespect accountants (and my bank manager for that matter!), but I think there’s some truth in it. Do you?


To Have and To Hold

I was thinking that in this immediate digital age, where things just fly by at great speed, it’s nice to hold on to something and take it in for a while, like a good book.

I was remembering getting certain albums on vinyl in my youth, and holding the cover by way of an introduction and an entrance into the music that nestled within. I’ll never forget buying the Sgt.Pepper’s album when it first came out, not only was the music pushing boundaries at the time, but the cover was so creative that holding and studying it made the whole experience more personal and tangible. Even holding the white album was unique!

Are we missing that now, I wonder. Thoughts?


New website!

You’re looking at my brand new website, put together by my exceptionally talented daughter, Susie. Having just moved to San Francisco, further examples of her extensive online design work can be found at

I’m a lucky man in that both my daughters are wonderfully creative individuals. Even though I’m biased, it’s true! Katie is an author, picture researcher and a talented photographer. You can see some of her own work at

Hope you like the fresh approach of this site. You even get to hear songs and movie themes in entirety! Let me know what you think of it.