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the Real Age of Aquarius?

So the world hasn’t ended in December as predicted by some, and here we are nearing the end of Feb, and looking around we don’t seem to have fallen into a black hole just yet.

My local hostelry even held an ‘End of the World’ party, such is their resilience and humour.

So have you felt a cosmic shift in awareness or collective conscience? The mayhem in the western world continues along its tricky path, with institutions and known pathways still coming under scrutiny and potential demise.

So here I am writing this from a laptop on a tiny island in the Caribbean, taking in the sun and the sea (lucky bastard I hear you say), escaping from the frozen north and thinking is this the true Age of Aquarius beginning within us all. Is this the shift in thinking and being and interacting that was mused in ’68, touched on and vanished as a precursor of things to come.

Creativity, following the way and Big Love affecting I think more the collective unconscious, yet underlying our daily plight…
is this the beginning of a true change for humanity or purely wishful thinking…
what do you think?